How to dress for a corporate party?

To celebrate an important event within the company or another significant calendar date, winter corporate events are held, the presence of which requires knowledge of the dress code. At Rockets Event Agency, we often encounter the need to become aware of the appropriate clothing style and are ready to share our professional observations.

Basic corporate clothing guidelines

In those cases where the selection of outfits for the holiday among colleagues causes difficulties, you can use the universal option: for women – a small black dress, for men – a jacket and trousers.

When choosing a black dress model, you should focus on age, corporate event venue, and particulars of your figure. The “Achilles heel” of many women is the knees, so choose the length just below this part of the body so that the clothes help to stand out only from the best side.

Men who are going to corporate events may well be content with an office dress code beaten by “quality” nuances: a stylish shirt and shoes, an unusual color of trousers and a jacket.

Some employees ask themselves: “Is it appropriate to dress brighter / better than superiors?” This issue is especially acute in the women’s team. If an ordinary employee decides to surpass not only the leadership, but also the rest of those present, having dressed in an inappropriate dress code, this can negatively affect the attitude of the team. When your dress or suit simply screams about excessive self-confidence and inappropriate in many cases courage, the opinion of others will remain negative.

There is an exception to any rule, and this too. You can prove yourself by becoming a party star in a creative environment. Many companies associated with design, art, the creation of new creative products, will react to this way of employee self-expression quite loyally and sympathetically.

Secrets of a spectacular outfit

When going to a holiday, people rarely think that their image is formed not only by clothes, but also by the ability to wear them. Corporate parties in Kiev are often organized in restaurants, bars, cafes and art zones, where you can’t come in ordinary jeans or a standard office outfit. But even modest vestments can be presented with dignity.

  • You should not come to the solemn corporate party in your own car.

Do you want your hairstyle to remain attractive, makeup not to float, and shoes look presentable? Then you should not waste time looking for a parking place, which can be far away, and you will have to go some further distance from it to the restaurant. Frosty winds and a walk along the wet / snowy / ice-covered sidewalk have not made anyone more attractive.

  • Always keep your dress code, even if you are a guest or a companion.

This advice applies to both men and women. Wherever you are invited – to a bowling alley, restaurant or theme party – never lose your vigilance. An accompanying person cannot come in an inappropriate outfit just because he is not an employee of the company. A guest is the face of the person with whom he came, which means that no less number of views will be addressed to him along with him.

Large companies often send invitations that specify the dress code of the event. Adhere to the rules adopted by the corporation, and you can help your companion / companion make a worthy impression.

  • The forbidden color at the corporate event is red.

The only exception is the theme party organization where the outfit may be appropriate a certain era, color, cut, etc. All other events are best carried out in clothes of a different color.

Red is a catchy color that is difficult to elegantly beat without making the wrong impression about yourself. If you still want to shine in a red dress / skirt / blouse, then make sure that the hairstyle is modest, the manicure and makeup are dim, and the shoes are with moderate heels.

  • Ethnic costume – for events with the participation of international guests.

Holding corporate parties, if this is not a thematic celebration with a dress code “national costume”, it is better not to put on clothes that emphasize a religious or cultural peculiarity.

The same applies to outfits that cause certain associations with the profession or social affiliation. For example, a black dress with a white collar resembles a school uniform or a maid costume, and a Japanese kimono will give the impression that you are the administrator of an oriental restaurant.

A well-chosen image should not be associated with something unrelated to you. Ideal when even holiday wear is a continuation of your everyday style.

Types of dress codes for parties, celebrations and corporate parties

We offer the four most common options that can be used at parties of various sizes.

  1. White tie. These are large events of top managers, directors and other management. White tie for men includes a black tailcoat with a bow tie, a white vest and a tone shawl. Women’s dress code is an evening dress on the floor, real jewelry, a clutch bag, white gloves.
  2. Black tie is a more suitable option for corporate parties. Men should come in a black tuxedo, oxwords. Women – in a dress on the floor and in high heels. Gloves are optional.
  3. Cocktail or cocktail dress-code. The stronger sex is dressed in a suit with a classic tie, in women – in high heel shoes and a dress just below the knees or on the floor with bare shoulders.
  4. Smart casual suits creative people. This option requires neither heels nor costumes. Smart casual is casual clothing with restrained solemnity and chic. Here you can afford to flaunt in the fashionable novelties of the season, designer jewelry and creative shoes.