How to organize a holiday for your company?

The main resource of any project is people, and sooner or later, every employer wonders if he needs to organize and hold corporate events in the company to unite the team. All psychologists in the world unanimously say that life, consisting of only one job, provokes at least a decline in productivity, which once affects the income of the enterprise. Companies aimed at long-term growth and a joyful future make various attempts to create trustful and high-quality relationships in the team, for the sake of which (including) people will be happy to come to work. The organization of holidays is a necessary and effective method to improve the working conditions of the team, bring people together and give them a good rest.

What are the goals of corporate events

In fact, there can be an infinite number of them, but here are the main ones:

  1. Celebration is the most natural way to relieve tension, both personally and throughout the team. If squabbles and feuds have begun in some department, an event will be the best option. Organizing and holding holidays is an ideal way to improve relationships within a closed team.
  2. Identify troublemakers. Yes, events are a good psychological school. It seems as if the employees are just resting and having fun, but a sensitive leader in parallel with this will be able to better understand people in an informal setting. Teambuildings perform the same function, only they in a playful way contribute to team building for solving a common problem, when as an ordinary corporate party it is a free space in which everyone exposes their internal settings and opens better.
  3. Event as a way to reward workers. Even the usual phrase “You are the best team I worked with!” Or “I’m so lucky to work with you!” Can work wonders. It inspires people to be appreciated and noticed. Therefore, any encouragement, especially made in the face of colleagues, is a great way to both personal and group motivation.
  4. Mark the transition to a new stage. Summing up is of great psychological importance. We all need a moment, even if artificially created, at which we can look back and take stock. Large companies have a tradition of celebrating the end of six months. Usually this period is enough to complete some kind of labor gestalt and concentrate on new tasks.

How to organize a holiday in a company without involving agencies

So, you realized that a corporate event for your people is a vital necessity, the same as for your business. And now you are discussing how to organize a holiday in your company. Without connecting professionals, you have two ways: to do all the preparations yourself or to entrust this to one of the employees. Whatever you choose and what type of event you have outlined, here is what awaits you:

  1. Definition of the concept of the event. This is the starting point from which we have to build on in the future at all stages. The concept of an event is its main idea. It is at this stage that many make a mistake if they underestimate the importance of a properly formed event goal.
  2. Identifying audience interests and scripting. A step-by-step schedule of actions, including all the nuances of the event.
  3. The choice of location and interior. You may need to organize and spend a holiday in Kiev or any other city – you should be prepared for this.
  4. Search and conclusion of contracts with contractors. Extremely responsible step, which affects the quality of the event.
  5. Clear distribution of finances. Lack of experience can negatively affect this step if you need to order a corporate event . The desire to save leads to unwanted expenses, loss of time, lowering the level of the event.

If, in the absence of experience, you managed to meet deadlines, find responsible contractors for reasonable money and not pass the budget, you can be proud of yourself! But, unfortunately, you are unlikely to enjoy the event itself, because you will have to constantly deal with administrative nuances.

Why hire an event agency to organize the holiday

  1. Experience. A person who has never organized a full-fledged event in his life will be in great surprise about how many hidden nuances exist in this area. The main skill that has been gained during many years of practice in the field of preparing holidays is to effectively and imperceptibly cope with force majeure in a stressful situation, respond quickly and at the same time continue to smile naturally.
  2. Contacts. Due to the lack of connections, many newcomers often miss the deadlines and often fall on large unforeseen expenses. There is always the danger that the contractor being hired is dishonest. Only an experienced team working in the market for more than a year can guarantee that the relationships they have developed will allow you to create an event on time and of decent quality.
  3. Novelty. Organizing events is an energy-intensive activity not only in the physical aspect, but also in the emotional one. It’s not easy to come up with a script, most often an individual approach, not supported by experience, is slipping into the search for patterns on the Internet. As a result, another holiday is born, which took a lot of effort and money, but for some reason everyone is bored. It’s not necessary to reinvent the wheel, it’s enough just to turn to professionals whose job it is to come up with new and interesting scenarios for a specific customer.
  4. Uniqueness. If you think that contacting an event agency means ordering a holiday “like everyone else”, then this is a mistake. Professional teams always work on an individual strategy designed for a specific audience. For example, our company Rockets follows all the latest developments in the event industry, is inspired, but always organizes something creative and always unique.
  5. Reliability. Having entered into an agreement with the agency, you proceed to the level at which lawyers will intervene for you in the event of poor organization. This is an adult game, and companies with high responsibility understand this.

Rockets are not afraid of difficult tasks. We will be happy to prepare a corporate holiday for your company. We will charge you and your people with positive and give a lot of positive emotions!