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What is Rockets? Rockets is the energy

All is possible, if the energy exists. We are energy. We are Rockets.

We use innovative instruments in event management:
  • Bot applications
  • Intellectual video-analytics;
  • CRM-system;
  • Own educational platform.
  • We make decisions and find new ones quickly;
  • Quick reaction on changes;
  • Processes automatization.
The emotions is the most efficient instrument of influence on the audience that is why we:
  • We create, charge and manage emotions;
  • We use creativity, energy and positivity.

How it works


Astronauts (Clients) send a request on event flight planning (a detailed brief) to our events management center

Feedback during 5 minutes

First meeting

Our crew (experienced organizers) asks Astronauts about details, sends the request into the space then works on it during the brainstorm meeting

All depends on the stars position

Offer preparation

Crew members develop the conception and the cost sheet and send them to the Astronauts.

The standard offer is being prepared for 1-2 days. Exclusive offers – from 5 days.

Agreement negotiation

Astronauts confirm the conceptions, sign the agreement and send prepayments to the crew.

Better to send 100% prepayment but it can be less :)

Project realization

Event-shuttle with the crew goes into the orbit and carry out the grandiose event for Astronauts.

Project realization terms depend on project complexity and can be from 2 hours to one year


NATA Rodinova

Co-Founder and GM

Nata is the events control center head, executive partner – she manages events, the crew (event-department), is responsible for connection with the space and astronauts. She is an organizer with 10 years’ experience, tireless optimist and incorrigible hard-worker.

+38 044 337 90 77
SERGE Rodinov

Co-Founder and CEO

Serge is responsible for global intergalactic, strategic and financial issues, agency and population development of our team generally. He is the most aim-oriented person that we know, he studies permanently and loves to train others. He is the author and founder of Event Management Academy.

+38 044 337 90 77
Maksim Vasylenko


He is responsible for important questions of the crew, systemacity, and order on board, qualitative work of all mechanisms. He is the most system, rightful and moderately strict member of the crew.

+38 044 337 90 77

Head of Event Management Department

She professionally manages any project and handles all tasks, she understands every client, she specializes on marketing events. She likes to organize events for IT-specialists. She is a real, hyper-responsible and mega-creative rocket of supermodel appearance.

+38 044 337 90 77

Lead Event Manager

He is the best event manager of Mars, he organizes any event with space energy, he creates presentations and cost sheets faster than anyone, he specializes in everything. Nikita has an excellent sense of humor, high level of intelligent and speed.

+38 044 337 90 77
GALYA Semchyshyn

Event Manager

She is a mini rock-star in Rockets and maxi star in events! She is a jet rocket in work, solves questions by only eyebrow raise. Give her a bike and she will go to Europe or to neighbor planet and she will bring you 500 fresh ideas for your event.

+38 044 337 90 77
DARIA Ermakova

Event manager

She is a real jedi in the skirt, try just to withhold payment or be late on location even on one minute. Such ladies as Dasha can stop the moon robot in motion and go into the open space. She is a sophisticated Italian woman, who is always stylish and emotional.

(Русский) +38 044 337 90 77
DASHA Myasoedenkova

Event Manager

Soft small stylish cloud you can think about her when you see her for the first time… But in real life she is a true event vamp. Be careful, she will softly take your event and will create an outstanding event very easily. This event will remember for a long period of time with the smile. She loves pug-dogs, lights the stars and cares about Rockets.

(Русский) +38 044 337 90 77
ILONA Neveselaya

Event manager

She is one of our jet rockets who handles the task of any complexity only for 10 minutes. And don’t pay attention on her surname… She is very cheerful and smiling!

+38 044 337 90 77
JULIA Yausheva

Event Manager

She is a dedicated organizer, she is the best friend of Skywaker, she knows all starts, she specializes in business and VIP events, she has friendship with legendary Itzhak Adizesю She knows English ideally and we think that she knows the language of Martians. She has charm, modesty and insistence in one tube.

(Русский) +38 044 337 90 77
IHOR Sushko

Event Manager

He is an event manager from Saturn planet, he specializes in events for IT companies. He is interested in creation and holding of events. He like humor, he is a positive and responsible fighter.

(Русский) +38 044 337 90 77
ANGELINA Golovachenko

Event manager

You will not meet the most serious organizer in the whole universe. She sees the goal but she doesn’t see the difficulties. She is responsible, specific rocket who like order and beauty in everything

(Русский) +38 044 337 90 77
ALINA Tronza

Event manager

Event manager from the Jupiter planet, organizes any event, without batting an eye. Understands this and specializes in the same. Loves dancing, travel and her husband.

+38 044 337 90 77
LERA Moskovaya

Project Manager

The star who supervises the whole galaxy named “Event Management Academy”. Lera knows what to do to make stars aligned and how to make Academy students satisfied and full of determination to get all knowledge.

(Русский) +380 44 599 40 04
SHURA Kushnir

Office Administrator

She manages the work of our art-space Rockets and all Rockets Universe. She is a carrying “mother” of all rockets. She keeps control on everything, everyone is fed, everyone wears a hat and everyone has everything that he/she needs. When it is needed she supports and if it is needed she can inspires to a feat

+38 (044) 337 90 77

Honorary astronauts


The most delicious cats are to be found in our events ))