Participation in traditional feasts is already a thing of the past, and it is replaced by the organization of thematic parties – bright and memorable events created in a single chosen style. Rockets Event Agency offers its services in creating a dynamic and creative evening – from creating an idea to its ideal embodiment.
This option to celebrate a joyful event is gaining popularity and has almost replaced the banal events with a feast. More and more people prefer to participate in an unusual party and have fun with friends, relatives or colleagues for the following reasons:
1. Theme party – it is always emotions! Life without holidays is boring and monotonous. A cool party becomes a way to relax, relieve stress, diversify everyday life and, of course, create a quality memory.
2. To hold an event in one style is a way to unite, meet old friends or find new useful connections. Participation in an organized thematic party allows you to expand the circle of friends, express yourself, unite the team and resolve conflict situations.
3. To positively influence loyalty to the company and increase the level of trust of employees. This method has been used by HR managers from all over the world for more than 50 years. Does your business team lack drive? Then the proposed way to spend time will be very welcome!

Who can order a theme party?

This option is absolutely suitable for any event – from a wedding to meetings with investors. If the company is determined to have fun and unusual time, then for this purpose, parties in a certain style are just perfect.

Rockets is overwhelmed by the organization of holidays in Kiev and other cities for the following reasons:
• Bachelor parties, bachelorette parties and weddings – for every taste and scope!
• Party for birthday, anniversary, retirement, on the occasion of the increase.
• Business parties. Who said that you can win over an important person for your business only at a business meeting? Invite officials to the event, make the right impression on them – let a bright and unforgettable evening open up new horizons for you.
• Corporate events are an ideal way to unite a team, give it positive memories and a lot of impressions.
• Graduation parties, meetings of classmates, classmates.
• Children’s parties – we have a special approach to creating an evening for children of different ages. At such a holiday it will be interesting for both kids and teens!
• Calendar and professional holidays. New Year, March 8, Shrovetide, Halloween, Day of the metallurgist or engineer: you have a reason – we have an unforgettable drive and creativity!
We will also help you conduct team building – a team building event that will help your team feel unity, team spirit and gain strength for new achievements.

What do we offer?

Themed parties can take place both according to the prepared scenario, and according to an individual plan created for a specific case. We are not afraid of either the scale or the complexity of the task and we are always happy to take on any events. We organize holidays, qualitatively and scrupulously approaching each task. Turning to the Rockets agency, you get:
1. A scenario developed based on the characteristics of the task. We collect information about the audience (age, gender, status, tastes) and select the option that the company will definitely like.
2. The solution of the problem. We practice a different approach to easy friendly parties and major responsible events. If you just want to relax in the circle of colleagues and acquaintances, we will help you do it with maximum efficiency. If the goal is to solve business and strategic problems, then rest assured – this nut is too tough for us!
3. A well-thought-out and clear timing plan with a step-by-step schedule of each event at the organized evening.
4. Selection of location, decoration, photo zones, gifts for guests.
5. Help in choosing costumes and an invitation to a professional photographer who will capture every bright moment on your holiday.
6. As an additional option, an invitation to celebrity is considered in compliance with the rider requirements, scene construction, light, sound, security.

If you need an individual approach, then our goal will be to make your event unrealistically cool and unlike anything that you have already seen!

How we are working

Our agency is engaged in the creation of holidays, meetings, festivals, forums and a host of other events both in Ukraine and abroad. Rockets is a team of young professionals who are in love with difficult tasks and enjoy their work. We are ready to help you with a theme party, the organization of which we will deal with with full dedication and responsibility. For more than 14 years in this niche, we have learned to “see” the audience and predict the desire of people so that they are satisfied and impressed with their participation in the event.

• The Rockets team of professionals uses all their colossal experience, youth and drive to create the perfect meeting for you.
• In our arsenal of innovative technologies with which we can optimize any task, reduce the cost of implementing various ideas, even cosmic complexity.
• We have been working in the service sector for a long time, therefore we have a sufficient number of established relationships. You should not worry about agreements with contractors and solving even minor technical problems – all these nuances are considered by our employees.
• Yes, we also have shortcomings – we are terrible pedants, so you are threatened with full reporting and strict accounting of expenses. We work honestly and transparently!

Creative Themed Nights by Rockets

Contact us if you want to have fun, easily and with benefit. We will help organize a theme evening in Kiev or another other city in the world, and this event will be remembered by each of your guests!

Use the energy and experience of the Rockets crew to bring maximum creativity and positive to your life!

Are you interested in the service or do you have questions? Fill the brief and leave a request.

(Русский) Мы профессионалы в организации корпоративных мероприятий и хотим поделится с Вами
почему корпоративы - это залог эффективной корпоративной культуры
Скачайте бесплатно «Почему корпоративы - это залог эффективной корпоративной культуры»


Why you should choose us

We use “intelligent” creative
Наші концепції заощаджують ваші прибутки!
We create and present emotions
With the help of emotional influence instruments we present your idea
(Українська) Наші заходи вирішують Ваші бізнес-завдання
We are just space!
We are reactive, innovative, full of ideas and very diligent!

How it happens


Astronauts (Clients) send a request on event flight planning (a detailed brief) to our events management center

Feedback during 5 minutes
First meeting

Our crew (experienced organizers) asks Astronauts about details, sends the request into the space then works on it during the brainstorm meeting

All depends on the stars position
Offer preparation

Crew members develop the conception and the cost sheet and send them to the Astronauts.

The standard offer is being prepared for 1-2 days. Exclusive offers – from 5 days.
Agreement negotiation

Astronauts confirm the conceptions, sign the agreement and send prepayments to the crew.

Better to send 100% prepayment but it can be less :)
Project realization

Event-shuttle with the crew goes into the orbit and carry out the grandiose event for Astronauts.

Project realization terms depend on project complexity and can be from 2 hours to one year


Honorary astronauts

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