Organization of holidays with the Rockets event agency

A well-planned event directly depends on the experience of the organizers, therefore the Rockets event agency in Kiev will use all its many years of experience, professionalism and enthusiasm to create a memorable and high-quality event. Events of a household level, designed for a small company of friends and relatives, can be thought out and organized independently, but if the conversation is about a business meeting, a large corporate event, team building, it will be difficult to do without an experienced team.

Why is it important that events are organized by professionals?

Nothing brings people together better than shared memories. It is on this feeling that the concept of patriotism in any country rests – the state is trying to maintain the cultural and historical traditions that people have loved. All significant holidays are celebrated on a large scale, become public, and even in difficult times for the country, people are happy to celebrate their favorite dates, and then remember them, looking at photos and telling each other funny moments.

A good manager, like the head of state, understands that the unification of the group and the creation of an integrated team takes place not only in the office. At work, each employee is busy with his own business, which means that he is visible to others on only one side. In order to feel like part of a team, it’s not enough to perform a job function. People are drawn to where they are valued for their personal qualities. Professional organization of celebrations allows you to solve all these problems, creating an ideal atmosphere. In the hands of competent guides, it becomes a powerful tool in achieving global missions.

The goals that can be solved through the organization of a competent business or entertainment event:

  • Team building.
  • Formation of shared, collective memories.
  • Affirmation of corporate culture.
  • Relieving tension within the team, resolving contentious issues.
  • Search for new connections and acquaintances (especially relevant for large companies, where people from different departments almost never meet in person).
  • A clear demonstration of the company’s philosophy, the approval of the development vector.
  • Formation of a trusting and authoritative attitude towards superiors.
  • Respect for employees.

Organization of event-related events of business type (meetings, seminars, forums, visiting diplomatic delegations, etc.) should be carried out under the clear guidance of an experienced team. She deals with any administrative and technical issues.

The whole burden of responsibility falls on the shoulders of people who have experience and relevant knowledge in this field, and most importantly – frequent force majeure easily maneuvering in the sea. A stress-resistant and reliable team of a responsible event agency is the foundation on which the future impression of the event, the image of the company and the authority of its directors will be built.

Rockets team event assistance

The event industry does not tolerate amateurs. Only ambitious, responsible and in love with their cause people can withstand significant stress during the organization of a major festival, gala dinner or other high-profile corporate event. We are proud that we have been cooperating with companies from Ukraine and the world for more than 15 years, helping to create multidirectional events of any scale.

How is the Rockets approach different from other agencies?

  • Verified analytics. Each responsible process begins with data collection, and we have no equal in this. Specialists carefully study the features of your corporate culture, formulate clear goals and offer scenarios of events that are a continuation of established patterns of behavior within your team.
  • Transparent accounting. “Rockets” is famous for its clear and competent pricing policy. At the budget miscalculation step, we think through each force majeure. This protects the event from unpredictability, and you – from growing accounts for the services of organizing holidays.
  • Using high technology. We have developed a professional CRM system that allows you to collect data about event visitors. In addition, we suggest using a bot application through which it is easy to inform participants and guests of events about the format, features, time, news.
  • Accumulated connections. Our arsenal has a database of trusted contractors. Rockets knows for sure that these people will not let you down, which means that a worthy event will be organized on time.
  • We use our own educational platform. We cultivate true professionals, because we dream of creating a competent team, ready to solve problems of a galactic scale.
  • We work quickly and smoothly. The organization and holding of holidays in Kiev takes place in the shortest time. The problem of broken dates will pass you by, after all, we have learned to work even in the conditions of severe time pressure.

And most importantly, Rockets simply adores its work. Falling in love with the business you live in is the only effective way to provide a professional service. Most of our customers return again, and among them are such well-known names as Mercedes-Benz, Henkel, Watsons, OLX, Syngenta, etc. We organized the Ukrainian Forum of Marketing Directors and the Ukrainian Marketing Forum, as well as other events attended by guests and participants from all over the world.

A great pride and proof of the professionalism of our team was the receipt of the Ukrainian People’s Prize 2019. Rockets knows what customer trust is and truly appreciates it.

We believe in the strength of the team and that energy is at the core of everything. Therefore, we surrender to the business without a trace, restoring the balance of our own vitality, seeing smiles and receiving thanks from our satisfied customers. “Rockets” is an agency of holidays in Ukraine, which you can contact to organize an event of a cosmic scale, and we will be happy to solve this problem!

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