Corporate or team building? What to choose and where to hold events in Kiev?

The format of a corporate entertainment event organized for company employees may be different, but the most popular are corporate and team building. They allow you to solve similar problems, but there are many differences in them. Let’s see how the corporate differs from team building and for what purposes they are better suited.

When to set up a corporate party

Psychological unloading allows people to better concentrate on professional achievements, stay in a resource state, successfully resolve conflicts and strive for new heights. Work without rest is a one-way journey, or rather, to stress, depression and, as a result, a change of job or work activity. To avoid such troubles, many employers decide to order a corporate event , which solves the following tasks: Allows people to communicate in an informal setting, better get to know each other, get acquainted (relevant for large companies in which some departments have little or no contact with each other). Mark a big event. For example, New Year’s corporate events are a classic that most managers resort to. At such events you can not only relax, but also take stock of the year. Identify leaders and reward leaders. You can order a corporate event after the company has reached a new sales record, concluded a profitable deal. As an individual motivation, the promotion of leading employees works well.

The most successful locations for corporate parties

When choosing a place should focus on:

  • Number of employees. The larger the company, the larger the location will be required.
  • Season. If in summer you can sit outdoors, in the winter months you will have to look for shelter from the weather.
  • The purpose of the event. For some events, even the company’s own office will be enough, but for solemn corporate parties it is better to rent the corresponding room.
  • Sex and audience preferences. The older generation is unlikely to want to travel far, especially if the place looks non-standard, but the youth will gladly agree to something unusual.
  • Budget. Do not be upset if the funds for the event are limited. You can choose the options for the event of any scale.

The most common locations for corporate events in nature are recreation centers and country houses. Some companies rent motor ships or yachts – you can’t call such a pastime a budget option, but such a corporate party always leaves a lot of positive emotions.

You can hold a corporate party indoors if you book tables in a cafe (or anticafe is a great option for young employees), a restaurant, at the skating rink, a rollerdrome or in another place where you can have an active and fun time.

Features of team building as a team-building event

Teambuilding differs from corporate parties in that it implies teamwork. During such an event, conditions are created that in a playful way push the team to solve problems. This event format:

  1. Allows you to resolve conflict situations. People who dislike each other during working hours, finding themselves in the same conditions, are simply forced to unite and solve the task. And since teambuilding implies all the same rest, not work, which means that responsibility for the decision is only conditional, the tension between them naturally decreases.
  2. Reveal the leaders. Often, employers decide to conduct team building precisely for this purpose, when the company needs to find a suitable candidate for a responsible post.
  3. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the team. It is worth remembering that any event is not a panacea for all problems, but only a tool, the correct possession of which allows you to achieve your desired goal. Team building, like a session with a good psychologist, will help you determine what unresolved issues are in your team and will probably even tell you how to fix these problems.

Optimal Team Building Venues

Depending on the goal, season, company features (number of employees, budget, average age of the team, gender, etc.), you should choose the best place to carry out team building. When traveling to nature somewhere far beyond the city, you need to think about how convenient it will be for people to get and return. You may have to arrange a transfer so that all participants arrive at the place on time and receive maximum pleasure. The season is of great importance. For example, New Year’s team building should be organized indoors. Art spaces are ideally suited for this: lofts, centers, rebuilt and adapted premises of factories, as well as restaurants, bars and other similar establishments. As a rule, the question of the venue of a corporate event disappears by itself if you turn to an event agency with experience in creating such events. A team of specialists helps to choose the best option, taking into account all the wishes of the client.

This type of event like team building quest is gaining great popularity. It can be organized both outdoors and in the building.

So what to choose?

Each leader participating in the life and work of the team, feels the atmosphere in the office and starts from it when choosing the required format. Yes, people are increasingly thinking about ideas for teambuilding in Kiev and other cities, but classic corporate events cannot be discounted. After all, constant participation in team-building events is also boring, and they cease to be useful. So that life in your company is in full swing, work is seething, and people go to the workplace with burning eyes, it is worth combining these events, as well as thinking through other formats of events.

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