Team Building Ideas

Banal jumping in bags as an idea for team building are a thing of the past. Typical team-building competitions were replaced by psychological and creative corporate training. Managers either independently use modern ideas for team building, or turn to agencies. Companies involved in “pumping” work teams are able to rally the group for one joint event for successful joint growth.

Team building – how it works

Group consolidation cannot be carried out only during working hours. Even a strong employee with great experience will not use his skills to the fullest if he does not feel unity with the team, company and the general idea.

Team building is necessary if:


  1. conflicts have become more frequent;

  3. there are many new employees in the team;

  5. leadership has changed or another major organizational change has occurred;

  7. people perform their duties mechanically, do not understand the essence of tasks, do not have motivation for development.

The organization of team building in Kiev and other large cities allows people to enjoy each other’s trust friend, feel the unity. Through non-standard situations, employees relieve stress, resolve internal conflicts and find fresh strength to solve work issues.

Types of team buildings and their impact on the team

  • Sports competitions – suitable for young employees. Active games reveal strong-willed personalities and are suitable for determining leadership positions in the team.
  • Reconstruction. People become participants in a famous event. The main task of such events is not historical authenticity, but the development of the mutual assistance skill.
  • Psychological. Employees are trained to think collectively, to listen to each other’s opinions, to find optimal solutions.
  • Creative workshops. Great for relieving stress. Such teambuildings identify people who are able to concentrate and reflect on the task.

TOP 10 most popular types of teambuilding

  1. Active / Sports Event . These include classic competitions (“Olympic Games”, “Fun Starts”) and extreme sports (rafting, airsoft).
  2. Quests for large companies . This option for team building combines several types of events. Quests simulate a complex logical or psychological task that can only be solved together.
  3. “Woolen team building. The bottom line is to throw a ball of wool to each other until the group is wrapped in thread. In this state, people feel every movement of a person nearby. The event cheers up, creates a feeling of unity.
  4. Intellectual Event. The competitions are held according to the “What? Where? When? ”,“ 100 to 1 ”, etc. Such events belong to the group of psychological events, because they allow people to better learn their abilities, learn to cope with emotions, and respond correctly to each other.
  5. Outdoor teambuilding: summer and winter . They resonate in teams with high stress.
  6. Costume show . Such a creative event copes with conflict situations. People discover new sides of the personality in those who work nearby, and reveal themselves.
  7. Ford Boyard. The game requires a complete immersion in the situation. Employees need to include ingenuity, logic, simultaneously apply physical abilities and be able to negotiate.
  8. Board games (“Mafia”, “Understand me”, etc.). They do not require large financial costs, which means they are suitable as an optimal idea for team building in the office for small and young companies.
  9. New Year’s team building . You can organize a team-building event as a gift to the team for a major holiday. For this, a creative evening format or historical reconstruction is suitable.
  10. Food Competitions . People participate in a duel, and then sit down at a common table to eat cooked masterpieces and exchange experiences.

TOP 5 most creative teambuilding ideas

  1. Cinematic Event . The action takes place in any familiar universe: Marvel, Game of Thrones, The Witcher, Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings. For a complete immersion, you need to think through costumes, scenery, music and the script of the quest.
  2. Environmental Team Building . As part of the event, planting, garbage collection in the forest or by the river, assistance to the orphanage or hospital are carried out. Ecological event not only brings together, but also brings tangible benefits to society and nature.
  3. Night zombie quest . The message of this teambuilding is as follows: zombies do not choose victims by gender or race, they eat everyone who does not know how to work in a team. The game is designed to teach cohesion and the ability to listen to the leader.
  4. Dialogues in the Dark . The group is placed in a dark room. People are blindfolded and given tasks, for example, to find a chair in the room and take it. Gradually, the game becomes more complicated and requires the union of several people to solve a joint problem. Such team building reveals leaders and anti-leaders.
  5. Music workshop . Team building takes place in the form of vocals or training in playing musical instruments. The result is a recording of a joint song or song, which will become a symbol of collaboration.

Rockets team building – the secret to successful team building

A competent management policy rests on the ability to organize the work of the group so that its members support each other to achieve a common goal. Using the best ideas for team building is becoming part of the current strategy for the development of corporate culture. Engage Rockets professionals to improve the team’s microclimate and build trust among people. Combine them with a common aspiration significant for everyone and organize your business wisely with the Rockets team!

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