7 ideas on how to organize a corporate holiday on nature

The best productivity is shown by the team whose leadership competently alternates periods of high activity with joint rest. Organization of corporate events in nature allows you to improve the team’s performance and solve the following problems:

  • relieve stress, resolve conflicts;
  • develop a corporate culture;
  • increase the authority of superiors;
  • identify organized and strong team members, as well as disinterested, mediocre employees.

Event preparation is the best way to get the most out of your event. The main condition is that the holiday should not be boring. The absence of themes and scripts makes the corporate party static and even burdensome. The Rockets team offers seven popular ideas for organizing corporate outdoor events for a different budget and number of people.

Team-building sports

For more than 40 years, American marketers have been successfully implementing team building tactics to unite the team. Team-building events are used around the world as a stimulant to increase trust in the working group.

If there is no consent within the team, then each employee will protect only his own interests. A constructive and calm working process is impossible under such conditions. Organizing team building outdoors with the help of an experienced event agency team will bring people closer, thereby protecting the interests of both the employees themselves and the entire company.

Music or dance events

Such holidays cheer up and rally the team in a fun, laid-back atmosphere.

  • Organize a master class on creating your own musical band, for example, a collective playing on drums or folk instruments. Such workshops last half an hour or an hour, but during this time they give a lot of emotions and open employees from a new perspective.
  • Dance events liberate people and give them the opportunity to demonstrate their inner potential.

Outdoor quests

A classic summer corporate party with barbecue will be remembered for a long time, if the thematic quest is included in the cultural program. Its creation will require preparation:

  • You need to find the theme of the quest and think over its script.
  • Choose a venue. As a venue for the event, one can prefer not only a forest glade, but also a suburban complex, park or outdoor restaurant.
  • The requisite and design of the space in which all the action will take place will be required. The best effect is gained by those events held by professional actors in costumes.

It will not be easy to independently think up a full-fledged quest. Often companies with the necessary attributes are connected to this. Experts analyze the audience: based on the age and personal interests of the group, offer a scenario and type of event.

Historical reconstructions

The desire to learn how to organize a corporate holiday in nature encourages non-standard approaches. Events that enhance the team spirit of employees by participating in the reconstruction of a historical event or an era are very popular:

  • knight teambuilding using medieval costumes;
  • Slavic holidays. Such a corporate event is arranged for Shrovetide or on the night of Ivan Kupala;
  • Viking Age;
  • times of ancient Rome, etc.

Outdoor corporate quests in nature are always remembered for a long time and work great as a means to get new vivid impressions.

Cooking Classes

Holidays in nature should be not only useful, but also fun, and culinary competitions are best suited for this.

  1. Culinary battle – a way to compete in the preparation of a new dish without aggressive sports rivalry.
  2. You can get a new skill (become an excellent team player) or upgrade an existing one (and prove yourself as a leader with the ability to organize the work process and rally the team to achieve the goal).
  3. A master class is a way to have a great time with people you have to deal with every day at work. But in that case, the responsibility for the decisions made is not so obvious. This helps to feel like a part of the whole without serious obligations, which means you have a great time and relax.

Entertainment program

A show with a host, a DJ and dance groups finds a wide response among working groups. The following options are suitable for going outdoors:

  • cover bands performing new and favorite hits of past years;
  • invited famous artists;
  • show of dancers and acrobats;
  • performances with fire, giving the participants a sense of celebration and a fabulous adventure.
  • Performances by professional actors, living statues and body art.

The logical conclusion of the show program at the corporate event may be fireworks, laser and light shows.

Fishing or golf

If the majority of employees are men of age, then it is appropriate to arrange fishing trips or golfing. These calm events can be thought out for any budget and number of people.

  • It is convenient to go fishing in local reservoirs, having gone to nature for a day or a couple of days. To make the adventure more fun, you can organize a trip to another region or even a country.
  • Corporate parties in golf clubs are popular among people who are used to spending time with health benefits, but do not like noisy companies. Golf is suitable for participants with any physical fitness.

Rockets Corporate Party

A high-quality event with a well-thought-out organization allows you to achieve the following results:

  • solve acute issues of personal competition among employees;
  • identify people who oppose themselves to the team or consider a group of colleagues as rivals;
  • demonstrate the value of employees on the part of the boss;
  • form shared memories that may develop into collective interests in the future.

Contact Rockets agency to order a corporate outdoor party, which you and your colleagues will definitely remember!