Ideas for a corporate office party

Corporate holiday is a stream of emotions and new impressions. He switches thoughts from routine work tasks, gives positive and inspires new achievements. That is why the search for interesting ideas for a corporate party in the office is so exciting for responsible leaders. We have prepared the TOP 10 options for a fun event that you can use to organize a party at work.

Ideas for an unforgettable corporate party in the office

  1. Art-party – a creative party where everyone present will try himself in the role of an artist.
  2. Office quest. The idea is not new, but very much in demand. If you have never used this type of event as a team-building event, then it is better to order it from professionals. Adventure games are conveniently held in offices where each participant is familiar with the layout. This will help people better navigate the situation, which is important in the absence of experience in such genres.
  3. Bartender show. The event is spectacular in itself or as part of a larger scenario. Bartender services can be used as an unusual musical break or a full-fledged show with an interactive master class for everyone present.
  4. Stand-up show. A good comedian will cheer you up and create excellent soil for creating a sustainable collective memory. His successful jokes will be used by colleagues in everyday life.
  5. Workshops. Office parties can be diversified by teaching original art or an unusual technique: playing the drums, holding a tea ceremony, making toys, making ice cream, decoupage crafts, etc.
  6. Themed parties whose ideas can be found for any occasion: horror party, cowboy, gangster, Mexican, Hawaiian, beer, biker party, etc.
    Auction. Comic options always go well when people purchase funny commemorative gizmos for a nominal fee. Proceeds from such auctions can be transferred to charity purposes.
  7. Science shows. These are always spectacular interactive shows that give a lot of impressions and a new experience.
  8. Presentation of the Oscars. During the celebration, all employees are awarded. This will demonstrate that the bosses see everyone’s accomplishments and motivates for better results in the future. The most responsible members of the work team should be encouraged especially by giving them the highest award.
  9. An evening of illusions. Invite a charismatic magician to give a micromagic session right at your workplace. Such an event looks spectacular and captivates everyone present in the world of fairy tales and magic.

Pleasant nuances that will make the evening unforgettable

  • Invite a cartoonist to create individual and collective portraits of employees. Each cartoon is created in about 10 minutes. During this time, people will not get tired of posing and will not have time to get out of the general dynamics of the holiday. As a result, your employees will have memorable portraits. Such an extraordinary trifle will give positive and cheer up any audience.
  • Install a chocolate fountain. You can rent it at restaurants and catering companies. The entire female part of the team will be delighted with the elegant treats and beautiful photographs against the background of the exquisite decoration of the holiday.
  • Order a show ballet or living statues. Everyone present will rush to take a picture with the actor or film a spectacular performance of a dance troupe.
    Organize a buffet. Without refreshments, a party at the office will not produce the desired effect. To facilitate the task, it will be enough to order a menu already compiled by professionals with delivery from any catering company.
  • Invite a dresser and photographer. A costumed photo shoot will help employees see themselves in new looks.
    Order sand paintings. A bewitching show telling magical and touching stories. With this relaxing sight you can end the holiday.

Which is better: an agency or an in-house event?

Before the start of any party, the organizers think about what could be more profitable – to think through the event yourself or hire professionals. If the task is to create a holiday for a team of up to 20 people, then you can cope with it without involving an agency.

  1. It will take you to start preparing for the event in a couple of months to select a topic, find a script and adapt it to your own team.
  2. You need to think about musical accompaniment and refreshments for guests.
  3. Choose and discuss with the authorities the budget and time of the event.
  4. Warn all employees and motivate them to stay in the office at a collective event.

For large organizations, thinking about a corporate party will be more difficult. The more people, the more difficult it is to foresee everyone’s involvement. To solve such problems, agencies with experience in the event sphere are involved. Rockets team offers to realize any idea of ​​a corporate party.

  • We solve the tasks and organize a meeting of a major internal holiday of the company, rewarding employees, team building or other significant event. Everyone present is aware of the purpose of the event and imbued with the general atmosphere.
  • We prepare an individual scenario taking into account the common interests of the team.
  • We calculate expenses based on the planned budget, and set out full reporting for each item.
  • We conduct theme parties with full emotional return. Our events charge positively, inspire and unite the team.
  • The dynamics of the holiday will be thought out so that everyone present can plunge into the reigning positive atmosphere and do not stay away.

Rockets are space events of any complexity. We create the mood!

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