Corporate sex …?!

Do you know that in most cases after participating in a corporate event:

  • 50% of women and men are embarrassed to look into each other’s eyes;
  • 40% hope that the relationship will continue;
  • 10% sleep in the living room on the couch. And some are forced to use hard foundation or sunglasses. Even in winter.

And why all?

A standard corporate event begins something like this: long-authentic speeches by the authorities about “how great we are, but we still need a little – just to be your class, ”“ we grow, we try, ”and something like“ we are a team and let’s never forget about it, following our common goal ”, etc. Then it finally comes to the main thing:

  • Well, let’s go for the holiday!
  • There is a small break between the first and second!
  • The third is for love.
  • In all years, throughout all ages, a fourth toast to a man. Although he is a king, even though he is a god, he is at our feet anyway …

Oh, it seems we didn’t notice how the holiday turned into a total psychotherapeutic session, and for some – into a pair work …
Trivial! In general, you get the point. If it’s boring at the corporate party – as if I didn’t want to save a human face while sipping a cocktail a little – all the same, strong drinks will open other parts of the body. Yes, and not all of your charming co-workers / employees will be allowed into this obscurantism corporate party. For they know what is going on there! And let you personally – YOU – this does not apply, but the very fact that SUCH exists …

Boredom No time to sit at the table
But there is a way out of this situation! We will not throw dies under the type “with us you will find a real solution to all problems”. Immediately move on to the election promises.
“Rockets” will eliminate:

  1. boredom;
  2. drunkenness. Give drink, no drink;
  3. corporate sex.

We will load inveterate advocates of gender freedom so that there will be no time to eat. Joke) But we guarantee a rich entertainment program!

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Cooo! We know where to find someyhing special