Digital video analytics as a new instrument of marketing

Artificial intelligence has been used in space, at manufacture, in retail, in transport, in telecommunications and banking. Recently these technologies entered the event business. In the beginning of April on XII Ukrainian marketing forum, where our Agency took place as an event-partner in event organizing, we presented a unique innovative service for event industry – digital analysis of clients emotions. Event-agency Rockets is an exclusive represented of this service in Ukraine.

What is the main point? The work process is based on usage of technology which is called ‘digital video analysis’. This is the capability of the system to recognize faces and emotions on the base of the artificial intelligence. It allows to get statistics about reactions on things which are happening or even micro emotions which physiognomists try to detect (Physiognomy is a method of detection of human personality, his mortal virtues and health condition on the base of analysis of face features and facial expressions). With the help of this technology on the event you can also detect the quantity of participants, their sex and age, repetitive visits and a route map of their movement offline (heat map as Yandex metrics or other types of heat maps).


On the picture you can see the emotions of participations during the reports presentation, which were carried out on Ukrainian marketing forum.

Why do we need it?

It is not difficult to calculate the efficiency of a business project in the context of financial indicators. But when we talk about organizing of huge events, such as festivals, exhibitions, conference and son one, calculation of financial indicators is not enough. We need to understand if the participants like the event, which emotions they feel after it, if this audience comes back again and how the audience can be changed.

It is hard to estimate the efficiency of sponsors presentation, which reactions participants had on their advertisement activities and performances. Filling the forms in this case will not help, because first of all it is resources cost base process and you can interview only the part of the audience. Secondly there can be discrepancy of participant estimation and his/her responses in the form, a lot of factors influence it.

During huge events it is difficult to estimate the quality of the content in the program. If this conference is attended by 800-1000 people how can we understand how much people like the vent? What do they like and why?

New technology of video analysis can help to estimate and answer all questions.

How it works

The special video cameras are installed on the location and they film the faces of participants. Video stream (picture) is run through the artificial intelligence and it applied 120 parameters which allow to estimate 7 basic emotions (according to Paul Ekman): happiness (satisfaction), amazement, sadness, anger, disgust, disrespect, fear. As a result we get emotional level of each participant in the necessary period of time.

For example, on the 16th of April, 2019, during XII Ukrainian marketing forum in Kiev we carried out the analysis about audience activity.

Numbers of the project: 1000 participants, 7 cameras, 10 hours of filming, 56000 photos of emotions, 3 terabytes of data.


Diagram shows the activity of the audience during registration according to time. This data can help in organizing of the most efficient assignment of load on hostesses, for example.

During the forum there were speakers’ presentations and panel discussions. During this time on the screen the reactions of the audience were presented which showed their attitude to speakers and their reports. Now we have the opportunity to detect the most popular lections, the less visited lections, detect the most positive and skeptical participant. Now we can detect the speaker who surprised the audience and the speaker who causes less emotions. Received data can be used during the next event program planning. Understanding how the audience react on different speakers we can allocate the emotional degree of the event.

For example, the Forum started from the performance of African-American band with the calling to accept the new paradigm of thinking – ‘marketing specialist-consumer’. During the outstanding musical performance the level of happiness achieved 53%.


The level of surprise during the forum was 4%. This indicator was achieved by Gilmar Wendt) during his Keynot performance “Let’s illuminate the branding: how to provide an incremental increase with the help of brand strategy”.




Rank of speakers’ performances of Ukrainian marketing form according to attendance

Also thanks to data we can detect the most responsive audience and to carry out more detailed analysis with the understanding if the participant is ‘ours’ or ‘not ours’.

For example, the core of the audience is women from 30-35 years you can make a cut-off according to the age and sex.

All these parameters create a wide filed for analysis and usage on practice for business development of different directions. If we think about it well, the famous phase “know your client as you know yourself” becomes more tangible. You really see real people with their reaction on your activity. The technology has a great potential and the winner will be who will start to use this technology right now. Because the future is already here. It is just allocated unevenly. The question is: who are we – followers or initiators.

Are you interested in the service of digital analysis? We are ready to carry out the individual consultation for you, determining requirements and particularities of your business, to prepare an offer and to make further analysis of received analytics with the results and recommendations. Contact our emotions expert in the digital video analytics department:

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