As the main tool of personnel management modern managers use the organization of corporate parties – formal or informal meetings, the purpose of which is to unite employees and to designate the main vectors of the movement of their work. If you find that a corporation cannot solve such global business issues, then you should definitely contact a professional event agency Rockets, which specializes in solving such problems. The organization of such pastime for the company employees is a multilevel process, subject to people with extensive experience in the event sphere. Rockets Agency is a team of young and ambitious staff, experienced psychologists, organizers, screenwriters and creative designers who will happily take care of creating both a small and a grand holiday for you and your business. The secret of the success of large companies lies not only in the development of a plan of business operations and the selection of competent personnel, but also in relation to employees in their business. But how to involve employees in the workflow as naturally as possible? Create convenient conditions for the team for informal communication! Today, it is impossible to imagine the existence of a promising company that neglects corporate culture and does not care about the leisure of its employees.

Corporate as a Personnel Management Tool

Some organizations prefer to organize festivities only in honor of the major events of the year, while others dilute the workflow by small corporations in honor of calendar holidays. Whichever strategy you follow, organizing parties is better trusted by an experienced event company.

  1. To think carefully about everything from the idea to the triumph of the employees themselves – at least, it means to distract them from the workflow. Corporate parties in Kiev no longer resemble the usual feasts in which each guest brings a salad or a drink from the house. Now this is a real image event aimed at improving relationships within the team, introducing corporate culture and outlining the path of development of the whole company.
  2. You should start preparing for the event in advance. Depending on the scope of the celebration, it may take a month or two to six months. For example, start organizing New Year’s teambuilding in the summer and fall to have time to book a place and deal with all the contractors. It’s not easy to do, because all organizations have queues, connections, time, and a strong desire to think through all the nuances and see the whole picture.

Rockets Event Agency is a New Level Corporate Organization!

We have vast experience in solving problems of intergalactic scale: our team has been working with such Ukrainian and world giants as PepsiCo, Watsons, Henkel and others for more than 14 years in this field. We create events designed for a small number of people and thousands of guests from all over the world. Rockets enthusiastically takes on the solution of both standard and creative tasks, and does so thanks to the following features:

  • We use innovative systems for organization, control and optimization. Thanks to the tools we have developed and used, we can significantly reduce costs, accurately determine the level of guest involvement, draw conclusions about the outcome and achieve the goals.
  • We have significant experience. This allows us to host corporate parties and other events with professional lighting, music and technical support.
  • We work quickly. Without high speeds, neither in space nor in modern business will not succeed. We understand the importance of meeting deadlines and navigating quickly in unforeseen circumstances, so we always have the right amount of resources and respond quickly.
  • Give unforgettable emotions. Sometimes the positive has a much greater impact on the formation of a healthy work environment than the rigor and iron adherence to discipline. Give people a comfortable, fun and comfortable way to spend time in an informal setting with their colleagues, and this will help them get to know each other, resolve conflict situations, and relax. Strong positive emotions can strengthen the authority of the authorities in the eyes of subordinates, influence loyalty and improve relationships with management.

What corporation can we order from us?

It is convenient when you go to a company that can take over the organization of the party at all stages. We offer:

  1. Formation of a holiday plan based on the event objectives presented by the customer.
  2. Immerse yourself in the process of audience study: age, gender, social status, preferences, features of corporate culture.
  3. Writing a script consistent with the customer’s representatives. The party plan is polished with the utmost meticulousness.
  4. Searching for experienced and reliable contractors, renting a room, installing scenery, light, sound, a photo zone, hiring a photographer, inviting guests with thoughtful and convenient options for coming and leaving from a party venue, and much more.
  5. We provide a personal manager who will inform you of all the nuances of the planned event.

Rockets – work for the result!

We are energetic and young, but are extremely serious about full and thorough work with any task ahead. Rockets crew on the shoulder to free you from routine issues and organize a corporate party in Kiev or any other place in our Galaxy on a professional level. Relax with your colleagues, and we will make sure that you have only the warmest memories.

Are you interested in the service or do you have questions? Fill the brief and leave a request.

(Русский) Мы профессионалы в организации корпоративных мероприятий и хотим поделится с Вами
почему корпоративы - это залог эффективной корпоративной культуры
Скачайте бесплатно «Почему корпоративы - это залог эффективной корпоративной культуры»


Why you should choose us

We use “intelligent” creative
Our conceptions bring you profit!
We create and present emotions
With the help of emotional influence instruments we present your idea
We work on result
Our events solve your business tasks
We are just space!
We are reactive, innovative, full of ideas and very diligent!

How it happens


Astronauts (Clients) send a request on event flight planning (a detailed brief) to our events management center

Feedback during 5 minutes
First meeting

Our crew (experienced organizers) asks Astronauts about details, sends the request into the space then works on it during the brainstorm meeting

All depends on the stars position
Offer preparation

Crew members develop the conception and the cost sheet and send them to the Astronauts.

The standard offer is being prepared for 1-2 days. Exclusive offers – from 5 days.
Agreement negotiation

Astronauts confirm the conceptions, sign the agreement and send prepayments to the crew.

Better to send 100% prepayment but it can be less :)
Project realization

Event-shuttle with the crew goes into the orbit and carry out the grandiose event for Astronauts.

Project realization terms depend on project complexity and can be from 2 hours to one year


Honorary astronauts

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