Marketing strategies: why Event Marketing takes the lead

Today it is very dangerous to swim downstream even if the ship is built according to all marketing requirements. Why? The market is overfilled. Movement “the same old way” and “the same old rules” provoke rejections of potential clients. And usage of ATL, BTL and PR separately is very expensive. How can Event Marketing help? Let’s investigate.

Term ATL and BTL are very narrow for modern realities. That is why many progressive companies think their strict division is out. The notion above-the-line combines a traditional approach to advertisement which means to use Mass Media, TV, radio, printed materials and so on. Below-the-line includes the complex of marketing actions, which are directed on sales stimulation: here the basic task is to actuate the clients to buy a product or a service, steal the scene.

And also public relations are one of the BTL components. The aim of PR is to create a positive relation to the brand and its products. “And what is complicated here?” – you can ask. It should seem that you can build the strategy, combine appropriate instrument and you have the success in your pocket but unfortunately everything is not so easy. The point is that you need to choose brand activation instruments correctly. You can combine image advertisement, modern technological sources (for example, mobile marketing, Internet promotion and also do not forget about media factor which is a complicated task.

If you economize – you lose, if you use not appropriate instruments – you lose money for nothing, if you choose not professional workers – you ruin your reputation.

What instruments of brand promotion should be used nowadays

Of course, as before you can’t avoid using of social networks, printed issues, TV, external advertising and other means of targeted audience. But the main mechanism which can combine ATL, BTL and most importantly, bring maximum result is Event Marketing. With the help of Event Marketing you will not only use the right instruments but also you will get potential consumers and in short terms you will convert buyers into loyal clients.

Pluses of Event Marketing: top 5 reasons to start the usage of Event Marketing

  1. People memorize emotions. Present them with outstanding impressions and your clients will be more just clients.
  2. With the help of well-prepared event you can test a new product and its marketing ‘package’.
  3. An outstanding event is that ‘golden’ possibility to implement direct sales and get an excellent result.
  4. Event Marketing is ideal if there is an interdiction or restriction on product advertising.
  5. If you want to push slightly a potential client to buy your product, the best way is to stimulate him is to use emotions.

Why Event Marketing can be used in different spheres and you can achieve high results? Because it is a creative and very flexible instrument.

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