Professionally plan and organize a colorful event in the marketing sphere will help you event agency Kiev Rockets. We are a team of aces with more than 15 years of experience in the field of modeling and the implementation of creative and PR events. The Rockets crew is ready to help carry out quality rebranding, rewarding, introduce new products to the market, and create ideal ground for increasing sales and advertising.

Why is organizing an event yourself a bad idea?

Any type of marketing event is an energy-intensive occupation that requires considerable effort, time and investment. Doing it yourself is not only difficult, but also risky – even one small mistake can ruin the whole impression. The saddest outcome is the loss of funds spent on creating the event, and the threat to the image of the company, undermining the trust of customers and partners.

Do not take risks! Organizing events in professional hands is becoming a successful tool for creating an enabling environment in which sales and revenues grow, brand awareness grows, new business relationships are formed and relationships are strengthened.

What tasks will we help you solve

We are contacted for holding events of the following formats: rebranding, PR-event, charity evening, an exhibition to show a new or improved product, sponsorship evenings, master classes, presentations. Such events can be supplemented by receptions or dinners, inviting stars, lotteries, sweepstakes. Event-event marketing in Kiev is very popular. To conduct such events, venues can be selected in other cities and even countries.

Turning to us, you can establish business relations and find new partners, positively influence the opinion of Central Asia, attracting more people to your product and yourself, increase brand awareness, improve the image of the company, share experience, ideas and technologies. Rockets creates ideal conditions for open communication between guests, speakers, event organizers for fruitful cooperation and solving tasks.

How the Rockets Team Works

  1. Definition of purpose. This is the foundation on which the organization of event events in a professional environment is based.
  2. Set the desired format. It should help to convey the main idea and solve the tasks. Our team members pay maximum attention to this step, because a correctly formulated goal is the lion’s share of success. This includes the establishment of the concept of the event, the date, duration, the required number of employees and their functions, site, its design. Technical aspects, such as lighting, sound, treats, are also taken into account already at this stage.
  3. Planning an event. In addition to taking into account all the nuances of logistics and creating the content of the event, it is also necessary to take into account the aspect of the promotion of the event. We lay the optimal time for every step, and the rich experience in this field and punctuality allows us to strictly adhere to the established schedules.
  4. We fix the budget with the reflection of all tasks. At this step, all possible force majeure are calculated, as well as ways to eliminate them. Thanks to clear bookkeeping and transparent reporting, you can track all expenses.
  5. We think over everything to the smallest detail, including the perfect service. Events of any format make a worthy impression only when they pleasantly surprise with a clear organization even in small details. This rule is suitable for an image event with world-class stars, and for organization of corporate events or birthdays .
  6. We clearly distribute the tasks within the team. Only experienced guys with an active lifestyle, positive and stress-resistant work in our crew. They are well aware of the responsibility that falls on their shoulders in organizing a responsible event. And a clear distribution of functions allows the Rockets crew to control the most complex and multi-level processes.
  7. We control strict observance of the plan during the passage of the event itself – we organize, conduct and guarantee safety.

Why choose us?

  • We use innovative technologies to optimize the costs of organizing an event of any scale.
  • We consider all force majeure. This protects you from events in which something may go wrong. We guarantee that we will cope with any unforeseen situation so that no one will notice any hitches.
  • We connect professional contractors with great experience and excellent reputation to work. We have been working with trusted companies for more than a year and we know perfectly well who we can rely on.
  • We have a sufficient technical base to support the organization of events of any scale.
  • We guarantee maximum positive emotions! Our creative team of young, energetic and creative people will find an approach to any audience and help everyone present feel at ease.
  • Each event is its own event, designed to solve individual problems and work with a specific audience. That is why we do not use template “pass-through” options, but always approach the issue unconventionally. The event company in Kiev Rockets is able to surprise even in the most mundane things, which makes the event memorable. Your event will fully reflect the specifics and character of the company, as well as allow each guest to feel the atmosphere of the organized event.

The Rockets team will organize a high-quality event with a decent resonance in a timely manner. At such an event, you and your guests can not only solve business issues, but also relax and gain positive emotions for new achievements.

Are you interested in the service or do you have questions? Fill the brief and leave a request.

More about Event Marketing

What is it?

Event marketing is an event for your clients, partners or suppliers with the aim to present your product or service and also to solve PR-task. Event marketing also solve the tasks in searching of new partners, clients and cementing of relations.

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Who orders event marketing?

As a rule these are marketing specialists, PR specialists or executive managers who want to carry out their presentation of awarding ceremony on the highest level.

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Which event can we organize?

If you want to hold the presentation of a new product or a new service or company rebranding, we will organize this event for you.

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How will it be useful for me?

Choosing the event marketing you can attract your audience with the help of professional instruments of emotional influence to you product or service.
Depending on your task we will help attract new partners, clients and investors for your company.

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What do I need to order the event?

Just choose in the upper right corner “Fill the brief” and members of our crew will contact you in the nearest time!

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Most companies face the necessity to present a new product to the whole world. So there is a question “How to do it in the most effective way?”. We know the answer. You need to create the EVENT.

Advantages of Event Marketing:

Mix of ATL, BTL and PR is an essential economy
The event is memorized for long time
Testing of the product and its marketing “package”
Possibility of direct sales planning
Restricted advertising of the product or even interdiction do not amplify the event
A great way to inspire clients on the stage of decision making

Download checklist for free
“11 secrets of goals achievement in Event marketing”

What we can do

Full cycle of event planning

Creative conception and ides

To organize a memorable holiday

To organize an event, which will solve your business task


Why clients choose us

We use “intelligent” creative
Our conceptions bring you profit!
We create and present emotions
With the help of emotional influence instruments we present your idea
We work on result
Our events solve your business tasks
We are just space!
We are reactive, innovative, full of ideas and very diligent!

The most delicious cats are to be found in our events ))

how it works


Astronauts (Clients) send a request on event flight planning (a detailed brief) to our events management center

Feedback during 5 minutes
First meeting

Our crew (experienced organizers) asks Astronauts about details, sends the request into the space then works on it during the brainstorm meeting

All depends on the stars position
Offer preparation

Crew members develop the conception and the cost sheet and send them to the Astronauts.

The standard offer is being prepared for 1-2 days. Exclusive offers – from 5 days.
Agreement negotiation

Astronauts confirm the conceptions, sign the agreement and send prepayments to the crew.

Better to send 100% prepayment but it can be less :)
Project realization

Event-shuttle with the crew goes into the orbit and carry out the grandiose event for Astronauts.

Project realization terms depend on project complexity and can be from 2 hours to one year


Honorary astronauts

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