Event Agency Rockets is a team of professionals that provides conference services and has invaluable practical experience in this field. Turning to us, you can be calm for maintaining the impeccable reputation of your company. Rockets uses innovative technologies and algorithms to charge the event with emotions and create ideal conditions for expanding the working path. We will help to organize a conference at a premium level, positively affect the audience, expanding your sphere of influence and client base.

How are conferences useful for your business?

Any promising company stays afloat on account of movement and development. To keep abreast, book an organization of a training seminar and a conference at the event agency of the full Rockets cycle. Using our experience and enthusiasm, you can establish new business relationships and discover other ways of development through the exchange of experience and the creation of an environmentally friendly environment for communication between potential customers, employees and investors.

Why Rockets?

  1. More than 14 years of work in the conference service.
  2. We have earned the trust of the largest Ukrainian and world companies: we organized a conference for partners Buderos, Henkel, Syngenta and others.
  3. We have all the necessary materials and technical facilities to create an unforgettable evening filled with meetings, presentations, awards, an entertainment program and a gala dinner. If necessary, supplement the reception exit events to anywhere in the world.
  4. We have vast practical experience in resolving controversial issues under strict time pressure.
  5. We are terribly punctual and attentive to trifles. We are ready to assemble a spaceship and go to conquer new worlds, but we will use our potential to organize a seminar or present the company at the highest level!

Comprehensive conference services

Business events require a special approach, because they belong to the category of image meetings aimed at solving PR problems and exchanging experience among specialists. Rockets agency specializes in creating creative events that fully convey the atmosphere of modernity and support the corporate culture of your company. We will be able to conduct a seminar and conference, providing the following services:

  • Data collection and program development with a clear description of the time frame of the event being organized.
  • Budget calculation. We work within the framework of a negotiated and approved estimate. No surprises and unforeseen expenses! The organization and holding of conferences is our hobby, and we know from what considerations a budget should be formed to take into account all circumstances.
  • Selection of speakers, work with guests, sending out invitations, organizing a place for temporary accommodation of nonresident visitors. We are able to hold an international conference, taking into account the peculiarities of culture, traditions and tastes of guests from different countries.
  • Selection of a meeting place for invited visitors and speakers. The location is selected based on customer preferences, budget, as well as convenient territorial location (roads, airports, attractions).
  • The price includes rental equipment for audio and video support of the event.
  • Organization of photo zones, construction of scenes, construction of steles, specialized or combined advertising stands, etc.

If necessary, we are ready to supplement the range of services for setting zones for coffee breaks, receptions, receptions, dinners. For the presentation of a new product or service, it is recommended to use promotional materials with the company logo. Make a pleasant and useful gift for guests and partners with a brand name in order to leave a positive impression about yourself and improve guests’ brand loyalty.

Why is it profitable to work with Rockets?

The Rockets team will undertake to organize a marketing event for you at any level. With us, you can positively influence business development both at the local and intergallactic levels. Our guys will undertake the phased organization of the seminar, negotiations, business meeting, congress, congress or the whole symposium.
Over the 14 years of work in this industry, we have built many business bridges that help quickly and without delay solve any organizational and technical issues. We will prepare conferences for you and organize a turnkey seminar – events saturated with dynamics and emotions.
The energetic and creative crew of Rockets invites you to order the organization of a presentation, hold a conference in Kiev or any other city in Ukraine and enter a new level of business.

This is just a small part of the long list of our features.

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Rockets Agency is your reliable partner in the preparation of conferences of any scale!

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Full conception creation for the event

We will think over all cycle of conference-service planning to create a special and aggregate picture.

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Selection of location, catering and transfer

Selection of needed hotel – is a responsible task. We find the best variant for your guests settling, planning of their nutrition.

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Full technical supply

We cooperate with the best technical contractors, supply the high-fidelity audio, light and decorations on location.

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Planning of gala dinner and evening program

We have a huge base of performing artists and masters of ceremonies which will help to choose the best variant exactly for your event.

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Selection of speakers and program planning

We know how to plan the program correctly. We invite interesting speakers and think over all technical moments. We organize synchronous interpretation.

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And also…

Everything that you want :)

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4 reasons to work with our agency

We have special conditions from all contractors

We know all secrets of conferences planning

We know how to handle your business task

We have working instruments of effective event


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“Conferences preparation and holding: “Say NO’ to boring events”

Why clients choose us

We use “intelligent” creative
Our conceptions bring you profit!
We create and present emotions
With the help of emotional influence instruments we present your idea
We work on result
Our events solve your business tasks
We are just space!
We are reactive, innovative, full of ideas and very diligent!

how it works


Astronauts (Clients) send a request on event flight planning (a detailed brief) to our events management center

Feedback during 5 minutes
First meeting

Our crew (experienced organizers) asks Astronauts about details, sends the request into the space then works on it during the brainstorm meeting

All depends on the stars position
Offer preparation

Crew members develop the conception and the cost sheet and send them to the Astronauts.

The standard offer is being prepared for 1-2 days. Exclusive offers – from 5 days.
Agreement negotiation

Astronauts confirm the conceptions, sign the agreement and send prepayments to the crew.

Better to send 100% prepayment but it can be less :)
Project realization

Event-shuttle with the crew goes into the orbit and carry out the grandiose event for Astronauts.

Project realization terms depend on project complexity and can be from 2 hours to one year


Honorary astronauts

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